Special Education

Richelle Anderson

SPED Coordinator

E: richelle.anderson@dmschools.org

Heather Antunez

Special Education

E: heather.antunez@dmschools.org

Cheryl Ballew

Special Education

E: cheryl.ballew@dmschools.org

Bill Collins

Special Education

E: william.collins@dmschools.org



Roxanne Darr

Special Education

E: roxanne.darr@dmschools.org


I am excited to work with the students and staff at Goodrell! My role is teaching  7th Grade Mathematics. I hold a dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education from Western Governors University. My husband and I live in Grimes and we enjoy golf, movies, spending time with friends and family, and singing and playing guitar.

Heidi Ellefson

SPED Associate

E: heidi.ellefson@dmschools.org

Michael Gonzalez

Math Intervention

E: michael.gonzalez@dmschools.org

Michelle Griswold

Special Education

E: michelle.griswold@dmschools.org

Sarah Harmon

Reading Intervention

E: sarah.harmon@dmschools.org

Lorrie Kingen

Special Education

E: lorrie.kingen@dmschools.org

Amy Kirkpatrick

Special Education

E: amy.kirkpatrick@dmschools.org

Brion Oakley

SPED Associate

E: brion.oakley@dmschools.org

Jared Power

Special Education & Activities Coordinator

E: jared.power@dmschools.org

Sarah Rowland

Speech Pathologist

E: sarah.rowland@dmschools.org

Hilary Shepherd

Math Intervention

E: hilary.shepherd@dmschools.org

Heather Sly

SPED Associate

E: heather.sly@dmschools.org

Kendra Smith

SPED Associate

E: kendra.smith@dmschools.org

William Terry

Special Education

E: william.terry@dmschools.org

Abbie Wolfe

Social Worker

E: abigail.wolfe@dmschools.org