High School Programs

On this page you will find opportunities from our high school feeders that are related to programs they offer outside of the standard middle school sports. Throughout the school year, Goodrell students are able to join sports programs such as wrestling, football, and cross country to compete on teams based out of North High School and East High School. However, those aren’t the only chances Goodrell students have to engage with high school programs.

We often receive information from those high schools about opportunities such as camps, tryouts, clinics, weightlifting, youth programming, and other events that would be beneficial to our students and help those schools build their programs. Below you will find information from each high school about extra programming students can join while they are a student at Goodrell. As we try to engage our students with a variety of extra-curricular options, we will try to keep this page updated as we receive information from high school coaches and sponsors.

Sports Physical Opportunities

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North High School

Sports & Clubs Flyers from May 12th Visit: Get Involved @North

East High School

Youth Football
East Youth Football Club Registration Form