Involvement in activities outside of the classroom makes school much more enjoyable. There are a lot of different ways to get involved at Goodrell. Getting involved is a great way to challenge yourself, meet new people, explore new interests and have fun. There are long-term benefits as well: It looks good on college applications and job applications and shows admissions officers and employers you’re well-rounded and responsible. Studies show that kids who are involved in activities are less likely to be at risk for substance use, delinquency, and school dropout. Be involved and be successful!

Have your student look at the gym board for sport opportunities as well as clubs and activities.

For your student to be in a sport we have to have a physical filled out each year and sport registration. You can get a physical at many places in the metro for free. Scavo Clinic provides free physicals to DMPS students. The address is 1800 Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309.  Their phone number is (515) 242-7589.

If you did not register your student for sports during registration please click the link below:


Christian Jory Houser

Goodrell School Counselor and Middle School Athletic Coordinator