Spectator Information

Spectator and Parking Information
We have incorporated new procedures for spectators entering and leaving our building. Guests at our building will now park in the lots on the north side of the building.  Fans will enter the north parking lot from E. 29th St (red arrows) and the preferred parking lot is highlighted in yellow.

For events in the gymnasium such as volleyball and basketball, the red X in the yellow area is the Gymnasium Entrance (picture is below for visual reference). If the yellow lot is full, please park in the green area.

For soccer events, spectators will still park in the yellow and green areas. Since there are typically multiple teams involved for soccer events, the south parking lots (blue areas) might need to be utilized.

Goodrell Activities Parking with Soccer

Gymnasium Entrance
IMG 9252

Additional Soccer Information

Fans will park in the yellow and green areas pictured above.  The yellow area in the top picture is the same area as the Parking Lot seen below. Each field has a team area and a spectator area and we ask that all spectators stay on their designated side of the field. Admission is $4.00 and spectators will receive a wristband when they pay for admission. Wristbands can be purchased at the ticket gate between the parking lot and Field #1. There are portable restrooms available for use during soccer matches and they will be located near the spectator area for Field #1.

Goodrell Soccer Field Layout

Cownie Soccer Complex Info

Below is a map of the Cownie Soccer Complex. When our team plays at Cownie, there will still be an admission fee of $4.00 charged. Spectators will drive through the entrance and there will be someone there to collect entrance fees from your vehicle. This map also includes field locations, which can be found on our soccer schedules and calendars at this PAGE. Students should still be accompanied by an adult when attending games at Cownie.

Cownie Soccer Complex Map