Grading Practices

At Goodrell Middle School we utilize a standards-referenced grading (SRG) along with the grading standards provided by The International Baccalaureate Organization for the Middle Years Programme (MYP). Students progress and grades are based on a student’s ability to demonstrate proficiency of grade level standards. Student scores are are determined by a 4 point scale with Level 3 representing proficiency of the grade level standards.  The separation of academics and behaviors will increase the accuracy of grades. These scores are determined by a Citizenship and Employability Skills Rubric. The teachers score the students on Academic Conduct, Work Completion, Working with Adults, and Working with other Students.  Click HERE for the rubric.

The SRG Grading Scale (for Topic Scores):

District SRG Grading


4 Exceeding Standard
3.5 Exceeding Standard
3 Meeting Standard
3 Meeting Standard
2.5 Developing Toward Standard
2 Developing Toward Standard
1.5 Insufficient Progress
1 Insufficient Progress
0 No Evidence  of Learning Submitted













The Grading Scale (on Progress Reports):

NM Not Met
PT Progressing Towards Target
AT At Target
ET Exceeds Target


Clear learning goals and clear identification of where students are in relation to those goals will allow us to better meet the needs of all students.

Formative Assessments

Formative assessments are used throughout the unit to guide instruction and provide detailed feedback.  Teachers will gain a better understanding of their students’ needs and development, including students’ misinterpretations, or provide further experiences to extend learning.  Through this feedback teachers will be able to guide instruction and develop skills to help students achieve their learning goal.  The feedback is imperative in modifying the goals that students set for themselves.

Examples of formative assessment at Goodrell include, but are not limited to: observations, classroom experiences, collaboration activities, anecdotal notes, exit slips, quizzes, writing samples, journaling, reflections, discussions, skill practice, fluency checks, and debates.

Students are assessed continually in the MYP so teachers will be in a position to determine a level of achievement supported by evidence from assessments completed.


Summative Assessments

The purposes of summative assessments are to support learning and contribute to the determination of an achievement level.  This occurs most naturally toward the end of a learning period such as the end of a MYP unit of study, a semester, or a school year.  Summative assessments are used to measure student understanding of the specific aims and objectives for each course.  Tests, group and individual projects, presentations, demonstration, performances, essays, and reflections are all examples of possible summative assessments used at Goodrell.

Multiple Opportunities for Success

At Goodrell Middle School students are given multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency of content knowledge.  It is our aim that all students achieve a 3 or higher, as defined by the SRG grading scales.  If a student has not reached proficiency, they are encouraged to take independent steps to master the material and complete a retake assessment with that content teacher.  Retake opportunities are not limited to written tasks, and may be different than the original summative assessment.   Students will be given until the end of the semester to submit new attempts at proficiency.  The highest level of learning will be awarded to the student as their Topic Score.



Teachers: Feedback to students is so timely that students can actually use that feedback, right away, to improve their performance on tests and assignments.​

Teachers will be posting in progress grades and update current topic scores every two weeks.  Goodrell will also follow district policies and guidelines.


How to Read a Report Card

Student class scores will be reported by standards and then a cumulative semester grade.   Each standard will have a number between 1-4, which indicates the level of proficiency the student has reached.

For more information:

SRG Parent Brochure: HERE

District Grading Page: HERE


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email William Crosby, our School Improvement Leader at or call at (515) 242-8444.

Thank you for your continued support as we work to improve our system.  We welcome parent input and feedback as we learn and refine our grading practices.  If you have questions or concerns regarding these changes, please contact your building administrator. We will provide on-going communication throughout the year as we transition to this new system.

Infinite Campus:

Our goal is more accurate communication with stakeholders.  Changes to Infinite Campus will allow you to access more information regarding student progress than ever before.  Please take a moment to register for the parent portal account.  Please do not use your student’s access code.  In addition, parents and guardians can download an App that allows instant access to your student’s grade book.

To register for access to the Infinite Campus Parent Portal:

  1. Contact the office manager at your student’s school
  2. Give the office manager your email address
  3. Wait about 24 hours for an email that will include information such as your username and password

To download the Infinite Campus App on your Smartphone:

  1. Search for the Infinite Campus App on your Smartphone and Download
  2. Launch the Campus App
  3. Select Settings
  4. Enter  the District ID: JQZPSD
  5. Enter your Campus Portal Username and Password
  6. Select Log In/Sign In