Code of Conduct

Goodrell has high expectations for students who participate in extra-curricular activities. Students understand that participating is a privilege and that they must maintain good standing in the areas of academics, behavior, and attendance.  In 2021, the district distributed a code of conduct for middle school activities that created a framework for expectations and potential consequences. During the fall of 2021, our school worked on creating specific guidelines for students and coaches to follow in reference to the district’s document. Below you will find links to the district’s document as well as Goodrell’s interpretation.

Goodrell Code of Conduct Enforcement Procdures (Updated March 2022)

Goodrell Code of Conduct January 2021 Draft (Spanish)

DMPS Middle School Activities Code Of Conduct

DMPS Middle School Activities Code Of Conduct (Spanish)

Activities at Goodrell Middle School exist to:  

  • Build positive character traits in our students 
  • Prepare students for high school programs and beyond 
  • Create a sense of belonging in our community 
  • Give students an opportunity to have fun and compete 

What is the ideal Goodrell activities participant?   

Students participating in activities at Goodrell should be focused on personal development and growth, first and foremost as a student but also as a participant and a teammate. Participants should be role models around the building and in our community who consistently attend classes and practices/meetings for their chosen activities, put a focus on academics and maintain good grades, and exhibit the shared behavior agreements of our school community. Participants understand that it is a privilege to be involved in sports or other activities and they must maintain good standing with academics, attendance, behavior, and extra-curricular responsibilities. Students should always strive to embody our Goodrell Roar:  

What we say and how we say it; 
What we do and how we do it; 
For the betterment of our community!