Enrichment – What is that?

Friday, September 4th, 2015

Enrichment is a class which targets the specific learning needs of students across various subject areas. We use assessment data from classes to determine how students will be placed in Enrichment. Students who are struggling with specific learning standards are placed in Enrichment classes, based on the most current assessment data, to get timely support with the identified learning standards. Students who are proficient in reading, math, science and social science are placed in Enrichment classes to extend their learning. These Enrichment classes include various subject areas, physical education, music and art studio time, band and orchestra, and yearbook. For students at Goodrell Middle School, Enrichment is 8th period (2:00-2:30) four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday). Every four to five weeks, we administer new assessments and analyze the current data to shift students to new Enrichment classes based on their current needs at the time. Please feel free to contact us with questions.

All students attending schools across Des Moines Public Schools’ district have a system like our Enrichment classes. The educational term for this system is called Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).