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ES178990 (2)Goodrell is partnering with MyLocker, an online custom apparel company, to offer a new source for ordering all types of Goodrell gear.  With this partnership you can customize your Goodrell clothing with different styles of clothing, colors schemes, and personalized names.  Goodrell will receive a portion of every sale back to help the school.  You can find our MyLocker link on the front page of our Goodrell website.  There will also be a code listed next to the link which will give you $10.00 off your purchase.  You can use the code on every order.  It will change every two months so make sure to check the code each time before purchasing.  Because it is custom apparel please double check the order design, including spelling of names, before placing an order.  Any questions about individual orders or the purchasing process should be directed to MyLocker customer service as Goodrell will not have information about individual orders.


We are looking forward to offering this new option, along with our current booster club spirit wear!  Please check the apparel site out and enjoy the new ways you can show your GOODRELL PRIDE!


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