School Counselor/Resources

My name is Jory Houser and I am your Goodrell school counselor, you can email me at or call the school to reach me.¬† This is my 5th year with Des Moines Public, I graduated from UNI with my masters in School Counseling. I received my bachelor’s degree from Central college. I love to be involved with sports, read, drink coffee, and spend time with my family.

Here are questions parents ask us here at the school:

  1. What are some resources for getting my student professional counseling help?
    1. We do offer counseling services at the school based out of Orchard Place. Our therapist is a great therapist named Quinn Bullis.
    2. Here is a list of other therapist in the Des Moines area: Click on this –> Counseling and Mental health Resources
  2.  What are some resources if my student is using any substances (Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, etc)

    1. Here is a list of therapist in the Des Moines area who specialize in substance abuse and middle school aged students: click on this –> Substance abuse resources for parents
  3. My teen won’t talk to me, how do I talk with them?
    1. 28 ways to talk to your Teen

The following are helpful tips for parents and students: