8th Grade Team

Eric Galvin

Individuals & Societies/Mathematics

E: eric.galvin@dmschools.org


Welp, this is my 31st year at this school.  Yes, I am/ have been getting kids of kids for quite awhile.  I think I am about to get a third generation soon-time to check on my retirement package.  I love this school and so do the 4 of my kids. I hope that I gave many memories in the past and I still plan on giving a few over the next 4 or 5 yrs.  Chickens....I am buying chickens for the courtyard.  I hope the kids will love them.

Pat Lowe

Individual & Societies

E: patrick.lowe@dmschools.org


I am an Individuals & Societies teacher here at Goodrell. I started teaching in 2000 as a special education teacher at Hoover High School where I also coached baseball, football, and swimming. I have lived on the East side of Des Moines my entire life. I went to Brooks Elementary School, Goodrell Middle School, and East High School. I am extremely lucky to be working at such a wonderful school in my own neighborhood. My wife Erin is a teacher at Pleasant Hill Elementary and we have one son, Tyler. I enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors, and cheering on the Bears, Cubs, and Hawkeyes.

Rachel Ng

Individuals & Societies/Language & Literature

E: rachel.ng@dmschools.org

Valerie Robinson

Individuals & Societies/Science

E: valerie.robinson@dmschools.org

Caleb Short


E: caleb.short@dmschools.org

Sandi Tollari

Language & Literature

E: sandra.tollari@dmschools.org


Hi, I am Sandi Tollari. I've been teaching at Goodrell since 1997. I grew up in Des Moines and attended Madison Elementary, Hiatt Middle School, and East High School. I earned a B.A. from Grand View as well as a M.S. from Iowa State University. My husband, Jaime, and I have three children. They are the light of our lives! I love teaching reading and writing skills to middle school students. Eighth grade is my absolute favorite! The best job in the world is working with my students and witnessing them learn and grow.

Mike Wintermote


E: michael.wintermote@dmschools.org


I have my BS in Earth Science. I have two horses that I love riding with my daughter. I'm also an avid Scuba Diver. I feel that teaching is a calling.