6th Grade Intramural Program

Students 6th grade can participate in the 6th grade Intramural Program.  Sign up online at http://fs8.formsite.com/DMPSchools/form58/index.html.

6th Grade Intramural Schedule

Each of these events requires filling out the application either online (the link above) or using the paper application (on the Goodrell activity board) and paying the $15 activity fee.  The fee only needs to be paid once and then a student is eligible to participate in all 6th grade intramural programs.   If you have questions check with Mr. Lowe or Mr. Brown today.

Our Intramurals meet in the morning 7:15-7:35am.  Please have your students come early to get into the gym right away when the doors open to the school.  Intramurals are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Joshua Brown

8th Grade - Individuals & Societies

E: joshua.brown@dmschools.org

Pat Lowe

7th Grade - Individual & Societies

E: patrick.lowe@dmschools.org