The DMPS Graduate Ends

The Des Moines Public Schools Exist So That Graduates Possess the Knowledge, Skills and Abilities to Be Successful at the Next Stage of Their Lives.

Graduates demonstrate the ability to adapt successfully in educational, workplace and community settings through their ability to think, communicate and interact.

Graduates demonstrate strategies for lifelong learning

• They exhibit competent thinking

• They exhibit intuitive thinking

• They understand systems and processes, including the understanding of underlying structures

• They exhibit creative and innovative thinking

• They anticipate future trends

• They demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving abilities

Graduates demonstrate knowledge and understanding of a rigorous curriculum integrated into all content areas

• They demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, speaking and listening

• They demonstrate proficiency in mathematics, including algebra and geometry

• They demonstrate proficiency in science, including life, earth and physical science

• They demonstrate proficiency in civics and government

• They demonstrate financial and economic literacy

• They demonstrate an understanding of the value of fine and applied arts in society

Graduates possess technological and information literacy

• They can access and evaluate information from a variety of sources to continue their learning

• They understand, manage and create oral, written and multimedia communication

• They utilize appropriate technology to apply or analyze information

Graduates have world awareness

• They understand the rights and obligations of citizenship at local, state, national and global levels

• They learn from and work with individuals representing diverse cultures and religions in a spirit of mutual respect in school, work and community contexts

• They are aware of issues facing the world

• They are actively engaged in community life

Graduates possess the knowledge and skills to be self-directed and autonomous

• They demonstrate an understanding of the attributes of physical and mental well-being

• They act responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind

• They exercise sound reasoning in making complex choices

• They monitor their own understanding and learning needs

• They understand the role of work and productivity in shaping the circumstances of their daily lives

• They have identified career interests and developed related academic and technical skills